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Ricky Cool and the In Crowd formed in 2013 with the aim of presenting classic American rhythm and blues together with early Jamaican genres such as Bluebeat, Ska, and Reggae. This is the music that was championed by Mods in the early 1960’s here in the UK. Mods (or Modernists as they were previously known) were recognisable for their stylish dress and their love of the ‘hippest’ music coming from the States and Jamaica. Ricky Cool and the In Crowd perpetuate this through their sharp stage image and the passionate, entertaining presentation of their music.

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This is not a nostalgia trip. The music they play is as relevant and exciting today as it ever was. The band mix original material with their own arrangements with classic covers to present a show that exudes style and musical excellence.

As Ricky says: “We love the music we play and believe that it should be heard by as many people as possible. Our prime objective is to entertain and open our audiences’ ears to wonderful music some of which they may never have heard before. 

When we hit the stage we aim to engage the audience straight away and take them on journey covering some of best musical styles of all time. We play for dances, special events and sit down audiences. It doesn’t matter which. The music works for them all.”

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The Band’s ‘A Night at the Flamingo’ stage show aims to inform as well as entertain. In the first half of the show Ricky gives background and context to the music performed. In the second half of the show the music speaks for itself and the audience invariably end up dancing in the aisles. The link below is a review of a recent ‘Night at the Flamingo’ show.

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