Ricky Cool – Lead Vocals, Harmonica and Saxophones

The name Ricky Cool first burst onto the scene in the 1970’s, when Ricky Cool and the Icebergs became one of the first bands in the country to play swing style rhythm and blues, The name soon became established and Ricky’s reputation for delivering great, danceable music in a highly entertaining way began.

Since then he has fronted and played with a number of bands presenting authentic American and Jamaican music. He co-founded The Big Town Playboys, the band that nurtured the talent of Mike Sanchez. Ricky Cool and the Rialtos became the nucleus of Robert Plant’s first Honeydrippers line up. In Top Rankin, he worked alongside some of Birmingham’s finest Reggae musicians and Kingston legend George Nightingale.

David Parry | John Roy Potter | Harry Weston – Cottrell | Nigel Darvill | Ted Bunting


  1. Cheers, I will never forget Ricky Cool and the Icebergs in the Fighting Cocks

  2. I first saw this amazing band a few months after being given my first saxophone – which I was completely intimidated by. The incredible sound generated by Ricky and Ted inspired me to try to get to grips with the beast – and since then, these two saxophone giants have consistently encouraged me in every way, always ready to explain what I didn’t understand like the truly generous people they are. I have even had the privilege of guesting with them on two occasions when the whole band made me feel very welcome. How good is that, to play on stage with your heroes?

    This is much more than a first class band, this is a bunch of highly talented musicians and truly great blokes. Long may they continue to give pleasure and inspiration.

    • Lovely comments Pip. Thank you. See you and Annie soon hopefully.

      • Hi Ricky . I am Jim hughes daughter in law , and he has been trying to get hold of you with no success . Is there any chance you could contact him ? He said you have his number . Many thanks. Suzanne Hughes .

  3. Just watched the guys in Victoria Square in Brum. Super performance as always. Got the crowd rocking. More please.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. Keep an eye out on our gig list for a gig you can come along to. We hope to see you again soon.

  4. Ricky has inspired generations of kids at school to go on and persue music in may different forms. I am ever grateful for the experiences he gave me and my peers at king’s nortong boys school during the late 1990’s. What a legend!!

  5. Hi I saw Ricky cool Thursday night at hall green stadium with Steve gibbons great sound first time I’ve seen you in performance loved it. Have a look at my photos on Facebook page. Lesley Charlton.

    • Hi Lesley,
      Thank you for the kind comment. We’re glad you enjoyed the show. We’ll check out your photos.
      Thanks again and best wishes from all the band.

  6. My family and friends visiting Birmingham, Shopping!!! Now in the Brass house listening and really enjoying your music. We are having a great time. Thank you. From. ESSEX girl.

    • Thank you Ann. We’re glad you enjoyed the band and it made a good end to your shopping expedition.
      Best wishes from all the band.

  7. We used to drive over to the Barrel Organ from Wolverhampton weekly to see you, we saw you at a caravan park in Worcestershire on a wet Saturday night in the middle of nowhere, open for Darts at the Hippodrome the big glass place by Birmingham town hall,
    Last time I saw you Wolverhampton sport club on Thompson Ave 1982. By then Yourself, Kenny And El Rancido(Dave?) would come over have a beer. You always took the time to speak, good times.
    I had dyed blond hair(Rod like) usually only person there like that
    We saw you many many times over a three year period, I moved to the States in late ’82 those were some of finest shows ever.
    So I thank you for the memories sir, and wish you well !!

    • Hi Tony,
      Many apologies for being slow in replying. We’re in the midst of a little run of gigs at the moment and later today we’ll be performing at a local club to see the New Year in, which should be great fun. The Ricky Cool and the Icebergs years were a great time. I have a lot of great memories of The Barrel Organ and the way things built up so rapidly for the band when we started playing there. The latter part of the 1970’s was a very interesting time musically and it was great to be on the scene back then. I also feel very lucky to still be able to perform with great musicians. I’m really enjoying Ricky Cool and the In Crowd and the band is building a good following, which we hope will spread into new areas of the UK and Europe this year.
      Thanks for getting in touch Tony and I wish you a very Happy New Year.
      Best wishes,

  8. Hi Ricky saw you at your last gig at brasshouse,always there when you on…superb as always,will be at Stafford to see you for sure…..do you or ted do sax lessons by ant chance.Dave.

  9. Hi ricky saw your last gig at the brasshouse,superb as always,will be at Stafford to see you,great venue there.Do you or ted do sax lessons.Thanks crezzy.

    • Hi Dave,
      Sorry about the slow reply. Thanks for your comments and we look forward to seeing you at The Grapes. Regarding saxophone lessons. We have both given lessons in the past but are not currently doing any. I do harmonica lessons and that is taking up quite a bit of my time. It might be a good idea to have a chat to Ted about it, at The Grapes. He’s based in Stourbridge.
      best wishes,

      • I am currently looking for harmonica lessons. Are you still running them?

        • Hi Maddie,
          Apologies for the slow reply. I am still doing harmonica lessons. It’s probably best if you give me a call on 07749 918343 and then we can discuss it in a bit more detail.
          best wishes,

  10. I will be in Kingclere tonight for my first Ricky gig since 1978 . 50 trips to the barrel organ digbeth plus a number of gigs here are there.

  11. Hi ricky met u tnite 21/2/2016 at the brasshouse birmingham with jordan who u taught music to at school lol had ag8 nite thx hun x will be coming to c u again g8 band x

    • Hi Catherine,
      Apologies for the slow reply. It was good meeting you and seeing Jordan again after all the years that have passed since he was a pupils. thanks for your kind comments. See you again soon.

  12. Just seen Ricky at Symphony Hall… been promising myself that I would revisit for years…. IT WAS WONDERFUL …! I must / will see more of Ricky from now on….
    Full of his youthful enthusiasm and superb showmanship… Just like the old days with The Icebergs who I used to see every time they were at The Barrel Organ….
    What a fantastic talent …. Sticking true to his type of music… Outstanding…. Made me feel 18 – ish again…. Thank you Thank you Thank you

    • Whilst at Symphony Hall last night , I would have loved you to have played “FLAT TYRE” … — from those far off Barrel Organ days …. just to bring back the memories … ( didn’t have courage to shout out and request it … knew you had a fixed set to play )…. but what great memories…. as Tony said … in those far off days you and El Rancido always had a chat and drink with us… ( and our pilgrimages from Stourbridge , to see you wherever you were ; were happy happy days )…. What a talent and superb showman you are…. again , thank you, thank you ,thank you , for the great music and showmanship over the decades…

    • Hi Carl.
      Thank you so much for those lovely comments. You are right. My love of the music I’ve played and still continue to play is undiminished and it’s wonderful to be able to play with great musicians who love the music as well. We have a lot of fun on stage and enjoy making the audience feel part of the show. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you at a future gig.
      Best wishes,

  13. I saw Ricky and the guys every week when they played the Barrel Organ in Digbeth in the late 70s such a great night and am so looking forward to seeing them again in Chester in May!

    • Thanks Diane. We did have some great times at The Barrel Organ back in the day. Be sure to say hello when we come to Alexander’s.
      Look forward to seeing you then. Best wishes, Ricky

  14. Hi Ricky, I’ve got a photo I reckon you’d like to see, from the olden days. Where can I send it? Cheers, Cav.

    • Hi Cav,
      All sorted while I was away in Rwanda. Great memories. Look out for the new CD that will be available in September. It will be in the website shop.
      Best wishes,

  15. Greetings from “New” England – Vermont, USA!
    Brand new fan who just discovered you yesterday, thanks to a friend who happened to be at your Solihull show (17 Sep 2016). Great sound; great look – love that thing you do!
    Will be buying Watch Your Step CD from cdbaby.com and wondering how long before Flamingo Nights will be available for shipment to us poor, deprived colonists?
    Also, Brum friend sent me a smokin’ hot one-minute clip of that phenomenal Harry in action and wondered if you’d like a copy? Can tell that you fellas are rockin’ awesome, but somehow the videos on Facebook/YouTube don’t always do you justice.
    Any chance you’ll cross the Pond and grace the States with your presence?!
    Thanks for being out there, preserving and improving truly great music and style!!!
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Kim,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. We would love to have a copy of the video clip if possible. We are in the process of updating the shop at present and will have the new album, T shirts and an In Crowd Special (Album, T Shirt, Limited Edition signed and personalise poster plus a badge and key fob) in the shop hopefully this week. We’ll put a post on the band Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/rickycoolandtheincrowd as well as on the website.
      As for coming to the States, we’d love to. Hopefully someone will be able to book us into a festival and pay for the airfares.
      Best wishes from all the band.

      • Hi, Ricky!
        Glad you liked the video – I can’t stop watching it!
        Tried to order from your shop but the form won’t accept a US Zip Code.
        Hate to be a bother, but would LOVE to get one of the Flamingo Nights In Crowd Specials (and a copy of Watch Your Step, too)!
        Do I need to do something special on the order form?
        I totally understand if you have to charge extra shipping – whatever you need me to do, just let me know.
        Thanks so much for any help you can give, and again, thanks for your fabulous music and style!
        Keep on keepin’ it Mod!

        • Hi Kim,

          Thank you for wanting to purchase items from the shop. I guess the best way round this is to send us an email to
          We’ll email you back with bank transfer details and you could do the payment that way or we can give you the name of our paypal account and you may be able to do it that way.
          Let us know what message you would like on the poster and also what size T shirt you want and whether mens or womans style.
          The Special is £22.50 and a CD £7.99. Postage will be around £10 (the poster will come separately in a poster tube) If we say £40 everything that will be fine.According to my app that’s 52 dollars. Is that ok for you?
          Best wishes,

          • Hi, Ricky!
            I have sent you an email per your instructions.
            Thanks for going all out – you are a true gentleman, and so are all the guys.
            You are now officially my all-time favorite band!
            Live long and prosper,

  16. Just returned from shaw playhouse watching Ricky cool and the crowd absolutely amazing night if you get chance to see them don’t hesitate very very talented guys best night we have had at this little gemi

    • Hi Laraine,
      Thank you so much for those kind comments. We had a great time and love the whole atmosphere of Playhouse 2. You’re very lucky to have such a brilliant venue. We hope to return again sometime in 2017.
      Best wishes from all the band

  17. Ricky… I used to work with a PA hire company in Derby (33’s) back in the early 80’s and I am sure we did some gigs with you back then in Birmingham. Did you have a band called the Replays ? Happy days 🙂

    • Hi Steve,
      Good to hear from you. It wasn’t the Replays. Early ’80’s was The Rialtos. I think we did do some gigs together.
      I hope you have a great Christmas and New year.
      Best wishes,

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